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B&B Thanksgiving Recipes

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Although the holiday décor in retail stores seems to be favoring Christmas, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We all love Thanksgiving food, right? Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberries, and stuffing. But maybe you need some new recipes for your 2015 Thanksgiving repertoire, and if that’s the case, InnVirginia can help. (After all, who does food better than a B&B?)

  1. Colman’s Mustard Dip from Fox Hill Bed & Breakfast
    3 eggs
    2/3 cup Colman’s Mustard (dry mustard in yellow tin)
    1 cup sugar
    2/3 cup cider vinegar

    Click here for the full recipe.


  2. Potato Pancakes (Latkes) from The Oaks Victorian Inn

    4 large or 6 medium potatoes
    1 large or 2 small egg(s)
    1 small or half large onion
    Flour or matzo meal (rice flour for gluten free)
    Salt and pepper to taste

    Click here for the full recipe.


  3. Curried Rice and Chicken Salad Veronique from Oak Grove Plantation B&B

    1 ½ cup uncooked brown rice
    1 teaspoon salt
    3 chicken bouillon cubes
    1 teaspoon curry powder
    1 cup finely chopped parsley
    4 cups cooked chicken diced
    1 cup seedless grapes
    1 cup sliced almonds
    ¾ cup canola oil
    ¼ cup Tarragon vinegar
    1 clove crushed and chopped garlic
    1 teaspoon dry mustard
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise

    Click here for the full recipe.


  4. Mayhurst Inn Baked Apples from Mayhurst Inn
    6 Gala or Fiji apples (They don’t get mushy or fall apart when cooked)
    1 Cup Dark Brown Sugar
    1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
    ¼ teaspoon Nutmeg

    Click here for the full recipe.



Celebrate Virginia Craft Beer Month with InnVirginia

Monday, August 17th, 2015



“I ordered a beer and then I ordered another beer, because why finish one when I can finish two?” — Jarod Kintz, Xazaqazax

Picture yourself sitting on the front porch of a luxurious bed & breakfast. The heat of summer’s end is in the air, and though the morning hinted of autumn, the day has quickly grown muggy, and you’ve found yourself parched. Luckily for you, you’re only a few minutes away from a local Virginia microbrewery where you can quench your thirst with sips of carefully-crafted and award-winning brews.

Did you know that August is Virginia Craft Beer Month? Sounds like a great excuse for a brewery excursion! Whether you’re heading down the Brew Ridge Trail, the LoCo Ale Trail, the Red, White, and Brew Trail, or Nelson 151, there’s a Virginia brewery out there to suit your tastes. As says, “It appears that Virginians and visitors passing through our beautiful Commonwealth are enjoying the liquid love on tap.”

The Trails:

Nelson 151 Trail– This scenic brewery trail (which also includes wine, hard cider, and a distillery) features three breweries with award-winning beverages: Blue Mountain Brewery, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, and Wild Wolf Brewing Company. (InnVirginia Lodging:

Virginia’s Blue Ridge Beerway– Enjoy a self-guided tour at one or more (or all!) of the eight breweries along this trail. The Beerway is also offering a number of prizes, gift certificates and merchandise in honor of Virginia Craft Beer Month. (InnVirginia Lodging:

LoCo Ale Trail– This Loudon County trail features fourteen breweries and some absolutely beautiful scenery for your enjoyment. Click here to check out the breweries’ upcoming events with everything from murder mysteries to live music. (InnVirginia Lodging:

We look forward to seeing you during Virginia Craft Beer Month! Don’t forget to book your reservation at one of our member B&Bs!


VA Farmers Markets

Friday, July 3rd, 2015




There is a reason that farmers markets are so prevalent, particularly this time of year when produce is flourishing. These markets not only support local farmers and local communities, but they also provide delicious fresh fruits and vegetables grown and picked at the very peak of their flavor. Virginia offers some fantastic farmers markets with a wide away of colorful fruits, veggies, herbs, and more, and the best part is that all of them are only a short way away from InnVirginia lodging. Furthermore, there is a movement to support local farmers markets in Virginia—Farm.Fresh.Pledge!—and by visiting and enjoys these farmers markets, you are helping Virginia Grown reach their goals and getting to enjoy some farm fresh produce as well!

  1. South of the James Market, Richmond: This popular year-round market is located in the beautiful Forest Hill Park of Richmond, VA. Not only will you find lush, leafy, and tasty produce, but you’ll also discover handmade items created by local artisans.
    (InnVirginia Lodging: Museum District B&B, Grace Manor Inn)


  1. Galax Downtown Farmer’s Market, Galax: Bright, ripe tomatoes, warm baked bread, and plump, juicy raspberries…these are only a few offerings at this Galax, VA downtown farmers market. Don’t miss out on these good eats at the “Bluegrass Capital of the World.”
    (InnVirginia Lodging: Doctor’s Inn)


  1. The Onancock Market, Onancock: This Eastern Shore market will have your mouth watering as you browse the homemade salsa, peaches, honey, and fruit & nut raw bars.
    (InnVirginia Lodging: Inn at Onancock, Channel Bass Inn)


  1. City of Manassas Farmers Market, Manassas: This Northern Virginia farmers market was voted as one of the best in the area by readers of Prince William Living Magazine, and it’s easy to see why. With an incredible assortment of vendors, you’ll have a fantastic time browsing and sampling. (InnVirginia Lodging: Manassas Junction B&B, Bennett House B&B )

InnVirginia’s Farm-to-Table B&Bs

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” ― Masanobu Fukuoka

We seem to be hearing a lot about farm-to-table dining, not only because of the health benefits of farm fresh food, but also because food that comes directly from the grower is always tastier! A lot of the farm-to-table coverage is limited to restaurants, but did you know that a number of InnVirginia bed & breakfasts offer locally sourced food as well?

Meadowbrook Farm Bed & Breakfast: Not only does this Suffolk, VA inn provide fresh-from-the-farm locally grown products, but a lot of their ingredients are grown right on the B&B premises—eggs from the Meadowbrook chickens, garden vegetables, apples, peaches, plums, berries and more.

Foxfield Inn: At this Charlottesville, VA bed & breakfast, you can be sure that you’ll enjoy top quality cuisine during your stay! With eggs and pork from a local organic farm and herbs picks right from Foxfield’s garden, their emphasis on FLOSS (fresh, local, organic, seasonal, and sustainable) is evident and delicious.

The Inn at Vineyards Crossing: Jillian, innkeeper at this Hume, VA B&B, says, “We were delighted to partner with Valley View Farms to supply us with local farm to table produce. This year, we were able to plant a garden there specifically for the Inn and food is delivered the night before it is prepared. All of our eggs also come from this farm and are delivered right to our door. By providing farm to table meals it takes the dining experience to a whole other level. Guests are excited to learn about the local community and to support it, and farm to table meals are an incredible way to fulfill this while also creating incredible dishes.”


Superior Soufflé – Danielle Savard Defends Her Title

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

The saga of savory servings returned to the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia Cooking Contest. The defending champion ― Danielle Savard of Le Bleu Ridge Bed and Breakfast in Afton, VA ― raised the bar with her gluten-free soufflé (get the recipe) that garnered a good deal of attention from everyone involved. Savard had cooked up the winning creation in 2014 with her breakfast crepes but this year she narrowly stole the victory with her superior soufflé that gave everyone a new perspective on gluten free dining. The soufflé managed to beat out masterful Apple Pie Pancakes (which were vegan, gluten free and dairy free—an impressive accomplishment in and of itself), a melt-in-your-mouth quiche, a marvelous rendition of Spanish Tortillas, and even a deliciously mellow granola.

Le Bleu Ridge Soufflé Served with a Purple Green Salad and Balsamic Vinaigrette

Le Bleu Ridge Soufflé Served with a Purple Green Salad and Balsamic Vinaigrette

This year’s competition focused on providing unique dishes that were either gluten free, dairy free, or vegan and participants received extra points if the dish accommodated all three. Hot plates sizzled, knifes minced, toaster ovens hummed, and attendees were pleasantly surprised when there were extra samples of the creations they’d heard about, watched cook and savored the aroma of for at least an hour.

superior soufflé

Danielle’s superior soufflé that gave everyone a new perspective on gluten free dining.

When not stealing the spotlight at the cooking contest, Savard cooks for her guests at the inn all the while offering tips and tricks to those that wish to learn. She has recently started sharing her health-conscious, gluten-free cooking with the entire area via a food truck. The restaurant on wheels is aptly named Le Chic Picnic and has been well-received by all that have partaken of Savard’s mobile cooking. The success is unsurprising considering the five star reviews that Le Bleu Ridge has received which all make a point to note how much they loved her cooking. From comments such as, “Danielle is a superlative cook, who is only too happy to accommodate special dietary needs” and “Danielle, our hostess, is a true chef. Breakfast is wholesome and local, adapted as needed to guest’s dietary needs (vegetarian, diabetic, etc.)” it becomes far from surprising that she won the BBAV Cooking Contest.


Photo credit: Jami Carlson

The Best Breakfasts in the Shenandoah Valley

Saturday, October 11th, 2014

Picture yourself waking and stretching across a soft, four-poster bed, the Shenandoah Valley light streaming through the windows as if to greet you good-morning. You catch a sudden scent of hot pancakes, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, making your mouth water and your stomach rumble. You make your way to the dining room and find that breakfast is served!


Our Shenandoah Valley B&Bs will do all the work for you, offering you some of the best breakfasts in the area:

The Speckled Trout B&B, Waynesboro: Want a hearty, Southern, gourmet breakfast? That’s what you’ll enjoy at the Speckled Trout. With everything from spicy apple cake with maple sausage to blueberry sourdough cobbler with pepper crusted bacon, you’ll never want to eat cold cereal again.

The Buckhorn Inn, Churchville: Toast, eggs, bacon, pancakes, gluten-free selections—the Buckhorn Inn has it all. One TripAdvisor reviewer gushes, “Breakfast was superb!” Another reviewer says, “The breakfast was great and the owner makes great sausages.”

Strathmore House B&B, Quicksburg: Innkeeper Kay Payne will serve you breakfast fit for royalty. One TripAdvisor reviewer insists “don’t miss the orange butter,” while another raves “breakfast was fantastic.” Breakfast here is a three-course meal with fresh juice, fruit, and a daily entrée. Kay is also happy to accommodate any dietary requirements.

1868 Magnolia House Inn, Lexington: “At breakfast time, gather with other guests in the Dining Room for a meal served with china, crystal and silver, in keeping with the old-time gracious ambiance of the house.” Relax with a hot cup of a coffee, fresh fruit, orange juice, and a plate full of French toast.


Eat and enjoy! To see a list of all of our Shenandoah Valley B&Bs, click here.


A Virginia Bucket List: 5 Restaurants to Visit Before You Die

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Many of you may have read through’s recent article “The 30 places to eat in Virginia before you die,” so we’ve decided to compile a list of our very own, based on recommendations from a few of our Inn Virginia members. Virginia offers a huge range of fantastic, top-notch restaurants, so remember that these are only a few of our favorite eateries:

Michie Tavern, Charlottesville, VA: Step back in time with this historic restaurant, which is only a short drive away from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello. You’ll get a taste of the 18th century with traditional southern fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw and corn bread. (Nearby lodging options): Inn at Sugar Hollow Farm, Ebenezer House B&B, Ginger Hill B&B, B&B at Mountain Valley Farm)


Something Different, Urbanna, VA: This aptly-named restaurant comes with the tagline “specializing in fine Neanderthal cuisine,” so you know you’re in for a unique experience. Try an applechain hotdog, a pork BBQ sandwich, or some homemade premium ice cream. (Nearby lodging options: Atherston Hall B&B, Bethany Inn at Leafwood)

Buffalo and More, Riner, VA: This restaurant provides casual dining and a host of hearty meal options. Feast on a buffalo burger quesadilla, a brisket platter, or a buffalo bratwurst platter. You certainly won’t go hungry here! (Nearby lodging options: Ivycrest B&B, Oaks Victorian Inn)


Cristina’s Café, Strasburg, VA: Owned and run by sisters, Wendy and Cristina, Cristina’s Café offers delicious food with a “Buy Fresh—Buy Local” emphasis. The café provides everything from beet risotto to grass-fed sirloin burgers to kale & quinoa salad. (Nearby lodging options: Inn at Narrow Passage, Old Waterstreet Inn)


The Ashby Inn and Restaurant, Paris, VA– Not only is this B&B an Inn Virginia member, but, as its name suggests, it’s also a restaurant, and a high-quality one at that. Northern Virginia Magazine named The Ashby Inn as one of their “50 Best Restaurants,” labeling one meal as “stunning, with flavors as nuanced as its design.”

ashby inn

B&B Breakfasts with Inn Virginia

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

What did you have for breakfast this morning? A bowl of cereal? A hastily ordered biscuit at a fast food restaurant? Nothing at all? If you’re tired of your usual morning food routine, then that just might be the only excuse you need for a bed & breakfast getaway. After all, breakfast makes up half of a B&B, and with our Inn Virginia members, you know you’ll be eating your fill of good, southern food.

At King George Inn in Roanoke, you’ll find a “breakfast fit for a king or queen.” Dine on everything from shirred egg with asparagus and cranberry pear balsamic vinegar to a ham and cheese omelet with lavender and lemon goat cheese. Ingredients are fresh and local, the products of a nearby farmer’s market, and if you have a particular dietary restriction, King George Inn is more than happy to accommodate you.

King George Inn

King George Inn


The Inn at Vineyards Crossing in Hume presents its guests with The Huntsman’s Breakfast, “served family style” and including fresh berries and cut fruit, fresh biscuits, heritage bacon, and Greek yogurt. Savor the southern style French toast, made from deep fried challah bread and Virginia maple syrup. Sink your teeth into a seasonal vegetable frittata or a Chesapeake Eggs Benedict, served with a crab cake. You certainly won’t go hungry at The Inn at Vineyards Crossing!

vineyards crossing

Inn at Vineyards Crossing

South Court Inn in Luray is ready to offer you a full, rich gourmet breakfast complete with chilled fruit juices and mineral water, baked goods, pancakes, eggs, croissants, and more. Indulge in lemon cloud pancakes, banana-stuffed croissant French toast, a fruit salad with lavender-infused honey, and a currant cream scone. These are only a few of the delicious options that South Court Inn offers, so you’ll just have to visit for yourself to experience their menu.

South Court Inn

South Court Inn


Gourmet Food at Virginia B&Bs

Friday, November 29th, 2013

We all know that “bed and breakfast” is synonymous with good food, but did you know that the morning meal is not the only dining option at some of our member inns? Not only can you feast offsite at nearby restaurants, but a few of our B&Bs actually double as both a place of lodging and a gourmet eatery:

With a name like The Ashby Inn & Restaurant, you know that this Paris, VA  B&B is as much about their food as they are about their lodging. Indulge in such menu items as octopus Carpaccio, miso-glazed black cod, and pistachio & agave baklava. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, or a specific dietary restriction, The Ashby Inn and Restaurant is at your service.

ashby inn and restaurant

The Ashby Inn and Restaurant

The Inn at Willow Grove’s Executive Chef Jason Daniels brings farm-to-table food to their Vintage Restaurant in Orange, VA. Feast on Gourmet Tapas Wednesdays or “Three on Thursday” Chef’s Tastings with everything from Hunter-style chicken and red wine linguine to seared duck breast and pepper-crusted butternut squash. Stay tuned for their winter menu, which will be released on December 4.

inn at willow grove

The Inn at Willow Grove

The Hope and Glory Inn in Irvington, VA features the incredible cuisine of Chef Anne Kirkmyer, and their Dining Hall has been named the #1 restaurant in the city. If you plan to visit the Glory and Glory’s restaurant, be sure to make a reservation well in advance, as they stay full and busy!

hope and glory inn

The Hope and Glory Inn

At The Boxwood Inn in Newport News, VA, “Dinnertainment” is a popular meal among guests. Each menu is specific to the dinner theme, which options like “Murder Mystery Evening,” “Showstoppers,” “Scottish Evening,” and “Those Fabulous Fifties.” Along with the deliciously themed food, the entertainment is fantastic as well. For more information about reservations at the inn’s Dinnertainment, call 757-888-8854.

boxwood inn

The Boxwood Inn

By Tara Stoll

Culinary Delights from The Oaks Victorian Inn Bed and Breakfast

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013

New cookbook released by The Oaks Victorian Inn

Part of what makes a great vacation is the delicious food experienced on your trip, but what about when you get home? Shouldn’t you be allowed to experience that scone you had for breakfast, the soup you had for lunch, or the cookies that welcomed you as you checked-in on a daily basis? Linda Wurtzburger, innkeeper of the Oaks Victorian Inn, Christiansburg, VA, agrees.

“One of my favorite things about staying at B&B’s is that every place seems to have its own style of breakfast and specialty dishes,” she says. So, when guests began asking Linda for recipes for her inn, she decided to write a cookbook.

“Inn-dulgences Culinary Delights from The Oaks Victorian Inn Bed and Breakfast” contains eighty recipes from breakfasts served at the Oaks and more. Linda always tries to make at least one dish from the book at every breakfast and also keeps a cookie jar filled with cookies made from one of the book’s recipes. However, thanks to Linda’s cookbook, you can experience these recipes at home for only $15; either visit or call (540-381-1500) The Oaks Victorian Inn to get a copy.

 Apple Cheddar Sausage Quiche

Oaks Victorian Apple Cheddar Sausage Quiche

Here is sample recipe from the book, Apple Sausage Cheddar Quiche:

Serves 6-8
1 pie shell
½ pound sausage (sweet, spicy or turkey)
½ cup chopped onion
¾ cup shredded tart apple
1 tbs lemon juice
1 tbs sugar
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 eggs
1 ½ cups half-and-half
¼ tsp salt

Line a 9 inch pie plate with pie crust and set aside.
Crumble the sausage into a large skillet. Add onions. Cook over medium heat until the meat is browned and the onion is tender. Drain well. Return the pan to the stove and add the shredded apple, lemon juice and sugar. Cook over medium-high heat stirring constantly until the apple is tender and liquid has evaporated. Spoon the sausage apple onion mixture into the pie shell. Top with cheese. Recipe can be put in the fridge and kept overnight at this point if desired. In a medium bowl blend eggs half-and-half and salt. Pour over the sausage mixture. Preheat the oven to 375°. Bake 35-45 minutes until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean. Let quiche stand a few minutes before serving.