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Going Green with Oak Grove Plantation

Thursday, May 7th, 2015




Luxurious getaways and environmental friendliness are certainly not mutually exclusive, and no B&B exemplifies this better than Oak Grove Plantation in South Boston, Virginia. recently named Oak Grove as one of the 14 most eco-friendly B&Bs in the entire United States.


Oak Grove’s innkeeper Pickett Craddock has already previously made headlines for the plantation’s impressive solar panel display, which generates clean energy and illustrates the merging of a historic location and modern solar-generated energy. As Pickett says in the article, “Our guests will be able to sip lemonade on the front porch as my ancestors once did, then tour the 25×10-footlineup of solar panels in the back field.”


These solar panels aren’t the only green efforts that Oak Grove’s innkeepers are making, however. The south side of the property will soon see low-emissivity, energy-efficient storm windows, which reflect infrared heat back into the home, thus improving the windows’ insulation abilities. Also, Oak Grove’s guests who arrive in a hybrid vehicle will receive a free third night at the B&B.


Congratulations to Oak Grove Plantation on their current and continuing efforts in environmental friendliness! Check out these other Certified Virginia Green B&Bs for an InnVirginia getaway that will leave you relaxed while reducing your carbon footprint:

1. Shady Acres Bed & Breakfast, Hanover, VA

2. Inn on Poplar Hill, Orange, VA

3. Afton Mountain Bed & Breakfast, Afton, VA

4. Harmony Hill Bed & Breakfast, Arrington, VA

5. 200 South Street, Charlottesville, VA

6. Back Inn Time, Kilmarnock, VA

7. Bay View Waterfront B&B, Bell Haven, VA

8. Cedar Post Inn Bed & Breakfast, Big Island, VA

9. Flint Hill Public House Restaurant & Inn, Flint Hill, VA

10. The Inn at Tabbs Creek, Port Haywood

11. Stonewall Jackson Inn Bed and Breakfast, Harrisonburg, VA

12. Grey Swan Inn, Blackstone, VA

13. Applewood Inn & Llama Trekking, Lexington, VA

14. Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast, Virginia Beach, VA


Green Awards for Inn Virginia Members!

Monday, December 16th, 2013

The environmental awareness movement has reached Inn Virginia. More and more of our member bed & breakfasts are making attempts to “go green,” whether it be by means of solar panels, bath and body products, local produce, recycling, or all of the above. Not only have these inns received praise from guests, but a few of them have also recently been presented with green awards that commend their environmentally friendly efforts.

If you remember one of our past Inn Virginia blogs, then you may already be familiar with Oak Grove Plantation’s incredible solar installation along with other remarkable efforts to decrease their carbon footprint. Just recently, Virginia Green bestowed the Virginia Green Travel Star Award to Oak Grove’s innkeepers Michael Doan and Pickett Craddock, naming them the Green B&B of the Year.

Solar panels installed at Oak Grove Plantation in Virginia


Virginia Green also named three of Inn Virginia’s other members as 2013 Green Travel Leaders:

The Collins House Inn– Innkeepers Susan and Mike Edwards have made their B&B a forerunner in Marion, Virginia’s recycling campaign. With a mixture of fresh, local foods, and vegetables and herbs right from the inn’s garden, the Collins House Inn provides deliciously green breakfasts to all of its guests. (Click here to read their press release.)

The Inn at Riverbend– Innkeepers Jimm and Janet Burton keep their B&B green with eco-friendly cleaning products, reusable water bottles, compost, and harvested rain water. They also make exceptional efforts when it comes to the use of energy—timed lights, energy efficient bulbs, and lowered thermostats in unoccupied rooms.  (Click here to read their press release.)

Clay Corner Inn– From recycled paper to eco-friendly air filters, innkeepers Nicky and Rick Aymes-Arevalo have made numerous efforts to go green at their B&B. Readily available recycling bins, green cleaning products and bathroom amenities, and energy efficient lightbulbs are only a few of the ways Clay Corner is a Green Travel Leader.  (Click here to read their press release.)


Congratulations to these Green, Award-Winning B&Bs!


By Tara Stoll

Earth Day with InnVirginia

Friday, April 19th, 2013

If you remember our blog about InnVirginia member Oak Grove Plantation, then you’ll know that we promote and encourage the environmentally friendly measures taken by many of our “green” B&Bs.  Two of these B&Bs include Beach Spa and Carriage House, both of whom are offering specials to their guests in honor of Earth Day. Along with these B&Bs, one of our InnVirginia vendors, Titan LED, also has a special Earth Day offer.

Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast, a Virginia Beach inn, is owned by Greg and Yvonne Nelson and run by Sharon and Rich Yenni. Yvonne says the green process of their inn “started with recycling the existing 1937 building, landscaping with indigenous plants, and incorporating a drainage pattern of rainwater runoff to maintain plant life.” Now they use a large number of green products to further their environmental efforts—high efficiency light bulbs, tankless water heaters, and much more. “Beach Spa is celebrating Earth Day with stainless steel reusable Beach Spa B&B water bottles for our guests staying at the inn on Earth Day and throughout the month of May and will be featuring a discounted rate for guests staying on Earth Day.”

Carriage House Bed & Breakfast is a Lynchburg inn owned and run by Mike and Kathy Bedsworth. Kathy says, “Our bed and breakfast is a registered participant of We were the first lodging facility in the city of Lynchburg to become certified.  We are still the only bed and breakfast to be certified.” A few of Carriage House’s many green efforts include recycling waste products, energy efficient windows and light bulbs, and high efficiency low flow shower heads. Carriage House also has a special “Celebrating Earth Day” package for those interested in a green-themed getaway.

Recently, Inn at Tabbs Creek, a new InnVirginia member, was awarded a Green Diamond Collect from for their eco friendly efforts.

Besides our member inns, we also have an InnVirginia vendor, Titan LED, that is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness. Titan LED specialized in “Energy Efficiency and Clean Tech lighting solutions,” and all of their products are “engineered from 95% recycled materials and are Mercury Free” (Titan LED).  In honor of April and Earth Day, Titan LED has offered InnVirginia members a discount to help them take the step to going green.

For a full list of InnVirginia’s green B&Bs, click here.

 By Tara Stoll

“Spring” into Gardening

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

After a long, dreary winter, Virginia is finally seeing the first signs of spring and looking forward to a rebirth of the natural world. One particular Bed & Breakfast that exemplify the cultivation of nature is Newport House:

Newport House B&B is a historically-authentic Williamsburg inn owned and run by John and Cathy Millar. While the inn itself is magnificent, the nature that it fosters is spectacular as well—vibrant flowers, lush greenery, and the ever-attending honeybees.  The gardens are a renowned part of Newport House and they were even featured in the 2013 Annual Historic Garden Week of Virginia tour: “The Garden Club particularly liked the variety of instructive opportunities offered here by flower beds, an historic herb garden, plantings of both native and exotic trees and shrubs, the shade garden, the greenhouse, the beehive, the ‘square-foot’ vegetable garden, and the compost system” (Newport House). Watch springtime come alive among the flowers and honeybees of Newport House.

Click here to discover more green B&Bs, and click here to see more inns with gardens for your enjoyment. Happy spring!



Plantation Installation: Oak Grove’s Solar Power

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

One of our InnVirginia member inns, Oak Grove Plantation, has been receiving a great deal of attention lately for their extraordinary eco-friendly efforts. As stated on their website, this “historic inn aims to attract environmentally conscious guests…with the first solar photo-voltaic system to generate clean electricity at a Virginia Bed & Breakfast.” If you are wondering what exactly a “solar photo-voltaic system” is, this type of technology converts sunlight into energy. The process thus produces no hazardous waste or pollution, and it doesn’t require any fuel other than sunlight: “Photovoltaic systems allows you to generate electricity and store it for use when needed… This energy source is free, clean and highly reliable. PV systems are long-lasting and require little maintenance” (Solar Direct).

The installation of this system coincides with the decision of the owners, Mike and Pickett, to protect Oak Grove’s 400 acres under the Virginia Land Conservation Incentives Act. This means that their land will never be used for any sort of commercial development, preserving not only its natural beauty and wildlife habitats, but also the history of the plantation. Oak Grove has been run by Pickett Craddock’s family since 1820, and the juxtaposition of the solar panels and the forested surroundings makes for a poignant melding of past and present: “Our guests will be able to sip lemonade on the front porch as my ancestors once did, then tour the 25 by 10 feet lineup of solar panels in the back field” (Going Solar).

Along with the photo-voltaic system and the land conservation, Mike and Pickett have also made other efforts to go green at their inn. These efforts include a compost pile, “energy-efficient storm windows,” rain barrels to collect water, a “tankless electric hot water heater,” and a clothesline to dry all on site laundry.

Click here if you’re looking to book a getaway that specializes in going green!

By Tara Stoll

Going Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Monday, February 20th, 2012

St. Patrick’s Day may be a month away, but that just means that there is plenty of time to start planning your bed and breakfast getaway. Whether you’re Irish by blood or simply someone who enjoys a good, celebratory holiday, you can certainly find St. Patrick’s Day enjoyment at any of our BBAV inns!

When you think of St. Patrick’s Day, it most likely conjures a flash of green, the color that is traditionally representative of Ireland. So, to coincide with the color of the holiday, we’re promoting “going green” in Virginia, and we are lucky to have some excellent establishments with an eco-friendly emphasis.  In fact, quite a few of them have made a pledge to Virginia Green, “Virginia’s program to encourage green practices throughout the state’s tourism industry” (Virginia is for Lovers).

As stated on our website, “more and more Virginia Bed and Breakfasts are going Green. Some are certified Green Bed and Breakfasts, while others practice Green living where able. These inns feature environmentally friendly cleansers and bath products. They use locally grown produce and products in their cooking. Some offer the use of electric cars, while others offer a special price for folks traveling in a hybrid car. Every little bit counts – whether it’s a freshly laid egg or spinach from a nearby farm. If Green Travel is important to you, stay in Green Virginia Bed and Breakfasts when visiting this state.”

Carriage House Inn Bed and Breakfast, Lynchburg, VA- With energy efficient windows, composting, and recycling, you can be sure that you’re staying at a green B&B when you relax at the Carriage House Inn. Gain a greater appreciation of nature by getting outdoors and exploring the area attractions.

Cornerstone Farm, South Boston, VA- Stay green at Cornerstone Farm by utilizing and appreciating natural resources.  Many of the activities surrounding this inn are based in nature. Go fishing at Kerr Lake, walk the farm paths and visit the animals, or relax on the front porch and admire the surrounding scenery.

Applewood Inn and Llama Trekking, Lexington, VA- Stay at this eco-friendly B&B, and get close to nature by walking trails near the Blue Ridge Mountains, fishing at Buffalo Creek,  or going on a two-hour hike with the lovely trekking llamas.

Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast, Virginia Beach, VA- Enjoy a green vacation at the beach! Bike along the boardwalk, go for a swim in the ocean, or take a boat or kayak tour.

(These are only a few of the BBAV inns that have partnered with Virginia Green. Browse through our list, and visit the inns’ personal websites. Virginia Green inns will have the logo on their page.)

By Tara Stoll


Virginia Green, 2011

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

It seems to be all the rage now for companies to “go green,” and for many, this is little more than a title to earn approving nods from others of the so-called green persuasion. However, there are those who truly care about the restoration and preservation of the the natural environment, and Virginia falls into this latter category: “Virginia Green is Virginia’s program to encourage green practices throughout the state’s tourism industry!” This includes recycling and waste reduction as well as energy and water conservation.

From eco-friendly lodgings to restaurants that emphasize recycling, there are many different volunteers participating in Virginia Green! If you would like to consider becoming a part of this green alliance, check out the Virginia Department of Environmental Equality’s webpage, and fill out an application online! Even if you are not a volunteer of this specific organization, every little effort can help. (I promise you that it takes just as much effort to toss a plastic bottle into a recycling bin as it does to throw it away in a trash can.)

For a few friendly suggestions about how to go green, check out Virginia’s Eco-Friendly Travel Tips.

By Tara Stoll

Virginia Green Travel and BBAV Member Properties

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

The Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia has over 200 members, all of whom are encouraged to incorporate “green” practices into their businesses. This starts with the BBAV itself. We strive to be green whenever and wherever possible, and use the statewide “Virginia Green” program as a benchmark. We work closely with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality to understand the many ways in which Virginia Bed and Breakfasts can help reduce their environmental footprint.

BBAV Members receive quarterly newsletters from Virginia Green, which provide the latest information about environmentally friendly practices; and all BBAV Member Properties are encouraged to participate in the Virginia Green program. Staying informed is the first step.

Our Virginia Bed and Breakfast Members strive to recycle and conserve energy. They are encouraged to discontinue use of disposable cups, plates, and cutlery; fine china, glassware and linens create an elegant atmosphere, and are better for the environment. When possible, member inns replace older shower heads and toilets with new, low-flow models, and use energy efficient appliances and lightbulbs.

Another way BBAV Member Properties support Virginia Green Travel is to shop locally. Purchasing foods at farmers markets, providing locally handcrafted soaps and lotions, and even serving local wines are all ways to reduce the inn’s reliance on fossil fuels and its impact on the environment. Furthermore, fresh ingredients make a noticeable difference in taste.

Perhaps the best aspect of our commitment to Virginia Green Travel is that guests benefit when Virginia Bed and Breakfasts go green. The food is fresher, the setting more elegant, and the conscious is cleaner. It’s a win win situation, all around.