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Recently Renovated Retreat on the Riverfront

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013
River Terra Retreat

Newly renovated, 4 rooms in Colonial Beach

Forget the 3 Rs, this Recently Renovated Retreat on the Riverfront focuses on providing guests more than just Rest, Relax and Recharge.

River Terra Retreat is the newest member to join the Bed & breakfast Association of Virginia, and has passed the BBAV’s property inspection. Also referred to as the Cator House, River Terra Retreat is located in Colonial Beach, VA close to the Potomac River. It is now owned and operated by Kristine Guido who took over the house in the 1980s. The property has been in Ms. Guido’s family since it was originally purchased in the 1920s. When asked about why she started the bed & breakfast, Guido said she had started B&B “because I didn’t know anything about B&Bs.  I thought it would be easier than taking another run at a corporate gig, which I had done for 30 years.  Here’s what I learned – visiting a B&B is fun; operating a B&B is work –a lot of work. But I enjoy every minute of it!”

The Retreat has been recently renovated, and offers guests five different unique bedrooms to stay in, as well as Carlotta’s Cottage, which acts as a meeting space or overnight room. Of the five rooms, River Terra Retreat has one suite, the Riverview Suite, which features incredible views of the Potomac River. This suite is Guido’s personal favorite aspect of the House.

River Terra Retreat also features fenced grounds, where guests may enjoy events such as oyster roasts and picnics. Guido states that her favorite part of running a bed & breakfast is the interaction she has with her guests, and “creating a positive experience for that guest.”

Guido feels that a property inspection by the BBAV’s “is a one-stop, holistic view of how my B&B compares to a standard of excellence in the industry.  Inspection brings together the health, safety, practical side of the business with the amenities and specialties that guests value.”

When asked about the importance of becoming a member of the BBAV, Guido explained that membership with the BBAV “is a way of ‘continuing education’ to improve my business and a resource when I need advice or guidance.  It’s a win-win for me and my guests, who reap the benefits of what I learn in BBAV.”

    In the future, Guido hopes to “be recognized by the Colonial Beach Chamber of Commerce as the Business of the Year in 2014.”

    BBAV President Heidi Lanford is pleased the River Terra Retreat has passed the BBAV property inspection, exclaiming “we are very happy to have River Terra Retreat as a BBAV member. It has passed our property inspection, and is a great example of the high standards we hold here at BBAV.”

Back Inn Time “Keeps Going and Going”

Sunday, August 18th, 2013
Welcome to Back Inn Time

Welcome to Back Inn Time

Former Energizer (yes.. the ‘bunny’) Mechanic and Quality Control employees, now own Kilmarnock, VA’s Back Inn Time. The couple have kept “going and going” to pass the Bed & Breakfast Association of Virginia inspection.  Back Inn Time is just 3 hours outside of the nation’s capital. The Inn is owned by Lisette and John Raymond,  who “got into Innkeeping because we decided to retire early and we wanted a new adventure in our live.  We both were working for Energizer, yes the Bunny, my husband was a master mechanic and I was in quality control, after 35+ we decided to change our life style.” The couple explained that they are very happy to have their property pass the BBAV inspection, and become members of the Association as they believe it will help give their business more exposure. Back Inn Time offers a lovely home like atmosphere for it’s guests, with rooms featuring private baths, and high speed internet, as well as other modern room amenities. Lisette boasts the Inn’s best feature as it’s gourmet breakfast. The Inn fits in well in Kilmarnock, which offers many local attractions for guests to enjoy such as antique shops, art galleries, historic homes and churches, and much more. Kilmarnock is also located near historic Williamsburg and Jamestown.

Lisette stated that she loves being a B&B owner because she enjoys “meeting such nice people” who “praise our breakfast, bedding and [we] enjoy their company.”

When asked about Back Inn Time’s new membership with the BBAV, President Heidi Lanford expressed excitement for the Raymonds: “I’m very please that Back Inn Time will now be a part of the BBAV. We hope their membership with us will help with their future goals of running a B&B.”

Stay Cool at a Virginia Waterfront B&B

Friday, July 12th, 2013

There’s no doubt that summer in Virginia is hot and humid, which is why so many individuals gravitate towards water activities to escape the oppressive heat. Numerous InnVirginia members happen to be waterfront B&Bs, so not only can you enjoy a refreshing relaxation along the water, but you can begin and end your day in the cool luxury of your desired inn.

The Essex Inn Bed & Breakfast is located in Tappahannock, VA, close by to well-known Tidewater rivers and with numerous coinciding creeks. According to owners Bob and Janice, “The Potomac, the Rappahannock, the James, and the York rivers of the Tidewater are the watery roads of history.”  Perch on the edge of a river pier with your fishing pole, or take your canoe or kayak down the water for a day of shoreline site-seeing.

North River is a Gloucester, VA inn with watery relaxation right in its name. Owners Breck and Mary Montague state, “The North River and her creeks provide the perfect setting for walks as well as exploring in our canoe and kayaks. From an abundance of wildlife to the ever-changing river, your jaunts will become journeys of discovery.” Three sides of the North River Inn are surrounded by water, so if you find yourself tired after a day of exploration, rest on the riverbanks, and watch the cool waters flow by.

Baywatch Inn of Franklin City is in a wonderfully quiet Virginia village. The town offers water-based activities like fishing, crabbing, clamming, kayaking, or, if you’d prefer, you can simply sit on the front porch of the inn and observe the restful beauty of the Chesapeake Bay. Innkeepers Carl and Terri Smith say, “NASA Wallops Island can be seen across the bay from Bay Watch especially at night, along with the Chincoteague Island skyline and the Assateague Island lighthouse!”

See all our B&Bs that are on the water and stay cool this summer!


By Tara Stoll

Fun and Games at Meadowbrook Farm Bed and Breakfast

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Meadowbrook Farm in Suffolk, VAMeadowbrook Farm Bed and Breakfast has passed the Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia (BBAV) inspection and now joins the other 160 fantastic bed and breakfasts in the state of Virginia to have passed this inspection.
Originally a 200 acre livestock and dairy farm, Allen & Debbie Bryant bought their thirty acre parcel of property in Suffolk, VA 16 years ago to fulfill a long standing dream of running a bed and breakfast after retirement. The current main house replaced the original farm house in 1948.  The cottage and other outbuildings were part of the original farm.


When asked about her favorite part of owning a bed and breakfast, Debbie responded, “Having spent 35+ years as professional engineers, our retirement goal was to do something completely different and own/operate a B&B.  However, you would be surprised at the number of opportunities there are to apply engineering principles to everyday operations of a B&B.  We both enjoy providing outstanding hospitality to our guests, from our beautiful country setting, our wonderfully appointed rooms, our delicious gourmet breakfasts, and other amenities not found in traditional hotels.”

Meadowbrook Farm Game Room

Along with a gourmet breakfast and a wonderful place to stay, Meadowbrook Farm also has a “game room” with a pool table, TVs and other games. Guests can spend hours laughing and having fun with family and friends in this mid-1800’s log style grain storage building that is now converted to a game room.


It is no surprise that the president of BBAV, Heidi Lanford, is also excited about Meadowbrook Farm Bed and Breakfast’s new member: “Being a member of BBAV is a guarantee to customers that you meet and exceed the expectations of a standard B&B, and Meadowbrook Farm B&B is no exception,” added Lanford.

Cherokee Week, Williamsburg, VA

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Williamsburg, Virginia is well known for its history, particularly the history surrounding Virginia’s colonial time period: For 81 formative years, from 1699 to 1780, Williamsburg was the political, cultural, and educational center of what was then the largest, most populous, and most influential of the American colonies. It was here that the fundamental concepts of our republic — responsible leadership, a sense of public service, self-government, and individual liberty — were nurtured” (

A huge portion of Virginia history includes the Native Americans, and coming up in July, Colonial Williamsburg will be celebrating a specific event in the cultural heritage of the Cherokee people: “Colonial Williamsburg and the Eastern Band of Cherokee commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the journey of Cherokee leader Ostenaco and Virginian Henry Timberlake from the capital of the Cherokee nation to Williamsburg and London in search of a lasting peace. Join us for a stirring performance of Beloved Woman, featuring Guest Artists Wes Studi and Irene Bedard, and delve into the world of the 18th-century Cherokee.”

(If the names “Wes Studi” and “Irene Bedard” sound familiar, they should! Both are well-known actors. Wes Studi has been seen in films such as “The Last of the Mohicans,” “The New World,” and “Avatar.” Irene Bedard not only voiced the title character of Disney’s “Pocahontas,” but she was also the physical inspiration for the iconic figure. You have the chance to see and hear them in person during Cherokee Week.)

Quick Facts:

Where: Williamsburg, VA

When: July 18–22

BBAV Lodging:

Boxwood Inn

A Williamsburg White House

Bentley Manor Inn

Colonial Capital B&B Inn

Magnolia Manor

Newport House B&B

Liberty Rose B&B Inn


©A Williamsburg White House (


By Tara Stoll

Sandstock, VA Beach, June 24-26, 2011!

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

Do you long for the days of classic rock? Does your skin crawl every time you hear the whiny vocalizations of Justin Bieber? Do you wish you your children could experience the true talent with which you were raised? Do you wonder how many more of these questions I’m going to ask you before getting to the point?

The point: You have the chance to experience a celebration of the music of the 70s, 80s, and 90s at Sandstock- A Tribute to Rock & Roll! From June 24-26, the Virginia Beach Oceanfront becomes an assemblage of fifteen bands, a laser light show, psychedelic hippie vans, and Elvis impersonators. The event is free and promises activities for all ages, meaning it’s appropriate for the kiddies, allowing you to give them that classic rock & roll experience that they so desperately need!

There are a couple fantastic bed and breakfasts around the area that would make your Sandstock vacation absolutely perfect. Try out the Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast for “Rest, Relaxation and Romance in Virginia Beach.”

© 2011 Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast

Or if you would like to add a spa to your B&B stay, try the Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast!

© 2011 Beach Spa Bed and Breakfast

By Tara Stoll

Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

The Tidewater region of Virginia is perhaps best known for being home to the Historic Triangle. Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg are all located here.

Tidewater VA Bed and Breakfasts are close to:

  • Jamestown, the country’s first permanent English settlement,
  • Colonial Williamsburg, the cultural and political center of the New World from 1699 to 1780.
  • Yorktown, where the Revolutionary War was effectively ended after the British surrendered.

Historic reenactments in Colonial Williamsburg.

British settlers arrived in Jamestown in 1607. They believed that the Virginia colony was “a paradise inhabited by simple, friendly people”, for that is what they had been told back home. Yet they found hardship, not wealth or good fortune. The colony struggled until 1614, when settler John Rolfe harvested a profitable crop of tobacco and married Pocahontas, a Powhatan woman. Peace with the Native Americans and Britain’s tobacco addiction enabled the struggling colony to thrive, and colonists began to arrive by the thousands.

Williamsburg is located midway between James River and York River. It was garrisoned and fortified in 1633, and became home to the country’s second institution of higher learning in 1693, when King William and Queen Mary granted a royal charter to the College of William and Mary. Indeed, it was college students who successfully lobbied to locate the new statehouse in their town. Williamsburg, as it was then named, became the capital of the area in 1699, as well as a thriving market town. It was a town where both goods and ideas were exchanged.

The York River has a deep channel, and the village on its banks has been a deep water, international port since the early 17th century. Yorktown was the chief tobacco port on the Chesapeake Bay in the early 18th century, and an active slave port. Yorktown gained everlasting fame when American troops under George Washington resoundingly defeated the British at Yorktown and effectively ended the American Revolutionary War with the Battle of Yorktown in 1781. The town itself, however, was the main victim of the battle, and it never again prospered as it had prior to the war.

There is much to do in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Travel back in time in Colonial Williamsburg. Visit the Battlefield and Victory Center at Yorktown, and the historic settlements at Jamestown. It would be easy to spend months exploring this area. Williamsburg Bed and Breakfasts and Yorktown Bed and Breakfasts welcome travelers however long their stay.

See Colonial Williamsburg for more information about events and activities. See Jamestown and Yorktown for more information about events and activities.


William & Mary Commencement 2011

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Commencement at William & Mary takes place May 13 – 15, 2011. Williamsburg VA Bed and Breakfasts look forward to hosting parents from all over the country and world during this memorable weekend.

The main hall of William and Mary

Celebrate William & Mary 2011 Commencement.


Commencement includes a number of activities, though not all pertain to every student. A few traditional events, however, are anticipated by students during their tenure at William & Mary: the Senior Class Dance at The Sunken Garden, the Sunday Walk Across the Campus, and of course Commencement Exercises.

The culmination of years of hard work deserves something special. Williamsburg is home to many outstanding restaurants in which to feast your student’s success:

If your William & Mary student will be graduating in 2012, now is a good time to make lodging arrangements at your favorite Williamsburg VA Bed and Breakfast.

Candlelight Tour by the James River

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Experience Virginia by candlelight.

There is something inherently romantic about candlelight. Perhaps it wasn’t so when candles and lanterns were the only source of light after sunset, and eyes grew weary from struggling to see. Yet these days, when bright electricity pierces the night, the gentle glow of candlelight seems only warm and inviting. It smooths sharp edges and softens expressions; it beckons lovers to sit by it, quietly.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend this year with a romantic getaway at a Virginia Bed and Breakfast and a Candlelight Progressive Tour at the James River Plantation. Experience the historic buildings of Piney Grove (1790), Ashland (1835), and Ladysmith (1857) as you would have experienced them when they were first constructed. See the luster of the Piney Grove at Southall’s Plantation collection of antiques by flickering candlelight. Wrap yourself in warm clothing and circumnavigate Dower Quarter (1835) and Duck Church (1917), then head indoors to sip cider and nibble on baked goods by a large, warm fire.

There are dozens of Virginia Bed and Breakfasts in and around Williamsburg, close to the James River Plantation. The Candlelight Progressive Tour would make a delightful addition to any romantic getaway.

The Candlelight Progressive Tour takes place February 12, 13, and 19, 2011. Call (804) 829-2196 or email for additional information and reservations.