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Cozy Cottage Joins InnVirginia Family

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015
Cedar Hill Cottage

Cedar Hill Cottage

The Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia welcomes Cedar Hill Cottage to its list of inspected and approved B&Bs. The owners and innkeepers are appreciative of the assistance that the association provides and note that, “BBAV offers support to innkeepers with educational programs, information on current trends, and a friendship and camaraderie outlet for its members.” It also provides standards that are helpful in placing their benchmarks for every facet of the business.

Most BBAV members have multiple guest rooms, but Cedar Hill offers a singular cottage experience.  The owner turned the property into a retreat that is beautiful all year ‘round because they thought, “mother’s cottage is just too nice to let it sit empty.” It brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘sharing is caring’. As is the case with many members of BBAV, Cedar Hill takes particular delight in providing a special place that their guests will remember long after departing.

Cedar Hill’s ranch and farm-style architecture takes any visitor back to an earlier era where things weren’t quite so rushed. Located near the popular destination of Charlottesville, guests enjoy a beautiful and well-tended garden, which provides a three season spectacle of blooming flora wrapping about the cottage. In winter, the gas fireplace is the centerpiece to enjoy within the spacious interior that has all the comforts of home and none of the worries about maintenance.

Relax out in the gardens

Relax out in the gardens


Enjoy the large porch


How Much Does it Cost?

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

When selecting the perfect lodging establishment for your getaway, you’re sure to have a number of questions: Do I need to make reservations in advance? Do they allow pets? Are smoking rooms available? One common question asked is “How much does it cost to stay at a bed & breakfast?” The simple answer is that rates vary, depending on a number of different factors:

  1. The time of year. Almost all B&Bs have a busy season, whether it’s back-to-school week for colleges, fall foliage season, or summer vacation. During the busy season, rates will most likely increase.
  2. The day of the week. Oftentimes, weekends will cost you a bit more than a mid-week vacation.
  3.  The size of the room. If you’re booking a lavish suite or cottage, chances are it will be pricier than a smaller, simpler room.
  4. The type of B&B. Are you looking for extravagant lodging with an on-site spa and complimentary wine every evening? You’ll probably pay more than for a few nights in a small, woodland cottage.
  5. The location of the B&B. Bigger cities are usually more expensive, and you can expect many inns to reflect that.
  6. Packages and Specials. With B&B packages and specials, you’re likely to receive a few extra “goodies” in addition to lodging, and depending on the establishment and the occasion, rates may be discounted.

As a general estimate according to our website, “you can expect luxury accommodations for $250+ per night in a busy resort or larger metropolitan area. Likewise, you can expect something less extravagant for around $125 per night.”


Maury Place at Monument, Crumps Mountain Cottage, and the Toddsbury Guest House at North River.

Maury Place at Monument, Crumps Mountain Cottage, and the Toddsbury Guest House at North River.


By Tara Stoll