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A Walk in the Woods: Virginia in the Movies

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015


“I gained a profound respect for the wilderness and nature and the benign dark power of woods. I understand now, in a way I never did before, the colossal scale of the world. I found patience and fortitude that I didn’t know I had. I discovered an America that millions of people scarcely know exists. I made a friend. I came home.” — Bill Bryson, A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail

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There is a new film that was released this past September called “A Walk in the Woods,” starring the well-known talent of Robert Redford and Nick Nolte: “In this new comedy adventure, celebrated travel writer, Bill Bryson, instead of retiring to enjoy his loving and beautiful wife, and large and happy family, challenges himself to hike the Appalachian Trail – 2,200 miles of America’s most unspoiled, spectacular and rugged countryside from Georgia to Maine.”

As an Appalachian Trail destination, Virginia also happens to play a part in this biopic. After all, 544 miles of the AT pass right through our beautiful Virginia!

If you’re at all familiar with the scenery of Virginia, you just might recognize the mountainous location in the movie trailer and on the promotional poster—McAfee Knob, a “popular Appalachian Trail destination near Catawba, Virginia” (IMDB). InnVirginia is, of course, thrilled to see our breathtaking mountains depicted through Hollywood, and furthermore, we invite you to visit them, explore them, and photograph them for yourself.

If you intend to see and climb McAfee Knob in person, then you’ll need a place to rest your head in Roanoke. Here are a couple of our member inns to welcome you to the Star City– King George Inn and The Inn on Campbell.

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Fine Dining in Virginia

Monday, November 15th, 2010
Squash blossom with goat cheese, thyme, raw hazelnut, compressed peach and saba

Elegance on a plate.

If you were to ask five of your closest friends to define “fine dining”, what would they say? Details may vary from person to person: one might say a crisp, white, linen table cloth is essential; another may insist the waitstaff wear clean, subtle, uniforms. But most would agree that fine dining involves outstanding food served in an attractive, pleasant setting.

There is plenty of fine dining in Virginia. It isn’t possible to write an exhaustive list of Virginia fine dining restaurants here, but read on for a few outstanding examples.