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Fine Dining in Virginia

Monday, November 15th, 2010
Squash blossom with goat cheese, thyme, raw hazelnut, compressed peach and saba

Elegance on a plate.

If you were to ask five of your closest friends to define “fine dining”, what would they say? Details may vary from person to person: one might say a crisp, white, linen table cloth is essential; another may insist the waitstaff wear clean, subtle, uniforms. But most would agree that fine dining involves outstanding food served in an attractive, pleasant setting.

There is plenty of fine dining in Virginia. It isn’t possible to write an exhaustive list of Virginia fine dining restaurants here, but read on for a few outstanding examples.

Virginia Tourist Attractions

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Jefferson´s Monticello (Pond Reflection)

Jefferson's Monticello

Virginia Tourist Attractions are too numerous to list comprehensively here. Still, a few destinations leap to mind when one thinks of “must visit” areas in Virginia.

1. Jamestown and Yorktown. Jamestown was the first permanent colony in America, settled in 1607. General George Washington’s victory at Yorktown brought a decisive end to the Revolutionary War. The living history museums, exhibits and films at Jamestown and Yorktown are not to be missed when visiting Virginia’s Tidewater region.

2. Williamsburg. Colonial Williamsburg is perhaps the most impressive living history museum in the country. Impeccably preserved, artfully managed, it brings the history of colonial times to life like nothing else. Stay in a Williamsburg bed and breakfast while you’re there.

3. Monticello. The magnificent home of Thomas Jefferson sits on a mountain outside of Charlottesville. Tour the gardens and the house and learn about the genius who designed it.

4. Arlington National Cemetery. Each visitor to Arlington National Cemetery has a unique experience. People come to pay respects to departed loved ones and to visit the graves of prominent historical figures. Many Northern Virginia bed and breakfasts are a short drive from Arlington and Washington D.C.

5. Blue Ridge Parkway. Glorious any time of year, during fall foliage, winter snow, spring blooms, and long summer days.

As always, we hope you’ll decide to stay in Virginia bed and breakfasts as you travel throughout our lovely state.

Fall into a VA Shore Bed and Breakfast

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Wake up to a foggy sunrise over the Chesapeake Bay.

For many people, fall is a favorite time to travel to VA Shore bed and breakfasts. Charming villages along the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic coast – some of the oldest in the country – positively explode with color and history. Temperatures are perfect for long beach walks. Holidays on the horizon give purpose to popping in out of shops. There is always something interesting to do or see when you visit the different areas of the VA Shore.

Discover the village of Onancock, on the Eastern Shore, and ride your bike from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic Ocean. Visit historic Yorktown, Williamsburg and Jamestown in Tidewater, and learn what life was like for early 17th century settlers. Stay at an inn on the coast of the Chesapeake Bay and explore inlets, bays and coves by boat.

Take a break from your routine this fall and run away to a VA Shore bed and breakfast.What you do once you get here is up to you.