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The name Bluefield is derived from a species of chicory that has a dark blue flower, and from the bluegrass that grows in abundance in this area. The town dates back to the early 1860's when a small post office, bearing the name "Pin Hook" opened. The opening of the mines in the Pocahontas coalfields led to the construction of the Norfolk & Western Railway. These two developments brought the area into great prominence. It was during this period, shortly before 1883, that the post office was renamed "Harman" to honor a Confederate war hero, Colonel E. H. Harman.

In 1884, Thomas Graham came to the area to survey land for the Norfolk & Western Railway. As part of this work, he laid out the streets for the Town. When the Town was incorporated it was named in Graham's honor. With the rise in prominence of Bluefield, WV as an economic force and the home for Norfolk & Western's Pocahontas Division, there were many that felt that changing the name of the Town of Graham was a great way to signify the marriage of the two communities. To that end an election was held to determine if the name should be changed. By a margin of 76 votes, the name change was approved.

The name change to Bluefield, VA became official on July 12, 1924. The event was memorialized by a day of celebration that included the marriage of a bride from Virginia and a groom from West Virginia.

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