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The first settlers in the area now known as Bridgewater arrived in the 1740’s and were of Scotch-Irish descent. They were soon followed by German settlers. The area became known as McGill’s Ford around 1759 because John and William McGill owned approximately 350 acres on either side of the North River. Several early families built mills along the North River and the settlement came to be known as Bridgeport since it was a port for flatboats to ship products down the river.

The town also continued to grow in land area. After an election held by local citizens, the area known as “Old Town” annexed the area known as “New Town” in 1854. A new Town charter was granted in 1884 which extended the boundaries to include an additional 100 acres on the southeast side of town. The new charter also provided that a mayor and six councilmen be elected to govern town affairs. Annexation initiatives took place in 1895 adding approximately 300 acres on the southeast, northeast, and southwest sides of town. Further annexations took place during the 1980’s and 1990’s adding land to the east and north.

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Bridgewater Inn and Cottage
Distance from city center: less than 1 mile
Phone: 540-828-4619

The bed and breakfast is of Georgian architecture built 1878-85 by Mr. B. M. Rice. Rice served in the 12 Virginia Calvary Company H. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery (in back of current Methodist Church, two blocks from the bed and breakfast).

Bridgewater, Virginia
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