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Weekend Break Package - $430-$490
Summerfield Inn - Website
Category: Romantic
Treat yourself to a relaxing weekend in Abingdon.
Includes a play at the world famous Barter Theatre, The State Theatre of Virginia.
Live professional performances at Barter's two theatres.
Matinee and evening performances available.
Package includes:
- Champagne/Wine
- Two Barter Theatre Tickets
- Full Gourmet Breakfast
(01/30/2014 to 07/29/2014)
Barter Theatre Packages - Professional Theatre - $398-$458 Midweek / $406-$466 Weekend
Summerfield Inn - Website
Category: Rest & Relaxation
Take advantage of our Barter Theatre Packages.
Live professional performances at Barter main stage or Stage II.
Matinee and evening performances available.
Barter Theatre is the State Theatre of Virginia.
- Two-nights lodging
- Refreshments
- Gourmet Breakfast
- Two Barter Theatre Tickets
Midweek, Sunday-Thursday. Weekend, Friday-Saturday.
(01/31/2014 to 07/30/2014)