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Pony Parties - Country Farm Celebration - $125 to Custom Package Rates
Corner Stone Farm - Website
Category: Happy Birthday
We bring it all together to make ANY child's birthday memorable; no matter the age. We offer a selection of package options for our Pony Parties and Petting Farm Parties on The Farm; from "Do-It-Yourself" to fully catered including games, food and lots of fun. When you are looking to make your child's party unique and different from years past, we offer many party options from our inventory that can make the day special to everyone that comes. We can host from 20 to 200! We won't settle for anything less than unforgettable. Call for details!
(01/25/2015 to 07/24/2015)
Green Lodging - Evergreen in the Country
Corner Stone Farm - Website
Category: Green Lodging
Our farm-stay packages place attention on the natural resources which enhance our guests stay without leaving a big footprint on the environment. At CornerStone Farm we have made a commitment to conserve and protect Virginia's natural resources through farm stewardship practices. Environmental guidelines allow CornerStone Farm to evaluate their operations, set goals and take specific actions to continuously improve environmental performance. We achieve this through education, waste management, energy efficiency, and water conservation.
(01/25/2015 to 07/24/2015)